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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Vitadone

1. Methadone dosing often causes irritating side effects for Methadone patients, such as sugar cravings, sweating, severe constipation, fatigue and others. Vitadone has been shown to address all these side effects successfully.

2. Vitadone has been specially developed for and tested by methadone patients, and its formulation patented for use by Methadone patients.

3. With consistent use as directed (one tablet three times per day with a glass of water) Vitadone helps to appreciably reduce the bad side effects of Methadone dosing.

4. Vitadone is the only product of its kind with the required science behind its developmental studies necessary to warrant a successful patent application.

5. Vitadone contains no iron and is appropriate for Methadone patients who also suffer from Hepatitis C.

6. Hundreds of Methadone patients nationwide currently use Vitadone regularly for help with their dosing side effects.

7. Vitadone is attractively priced, making it accessible for almost any patient.

8. Vitadone is also very effective for Non-Methadone patients providing them energy, vitality and protection against, infectious diseases. Every adult in the family of a Methadone patient will benefit from taking Vitadone.

9. The simple but profound secret to the effectiveness of Vitadone is that it’s made from chelated-constructed ingredients. In layman’s terms this means Vitadone is designed to “break the blood barrier.” So all body organs are exposed to the many vitamins and minerals in Vitadone, enhancing their performance and resulting in generally improved health and vitality for all adults.

10. No one eats right all the time, so everyone stands to benefit from a properly designed nutritional supplement. In Vitadone our scientists have provided all the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the daily needs of anyone, especially those taking methadone, a medication commonly known for its troublesome side effects.

11. So for anyone – Methadone patients especially – who desires to take their long term health seriously, –Methadone patients especially – Nutritional Supplements Corp. has made it simple: take Vitadone regularly. Start now and stay healthy longer.