Diabrex is a chelated nutritional supplement to assist everyone, including those with diabetes, by helping to boost their metabolism and enhance their immune system. Maintaining health through nutritional assistance is essential to a high quality of life. Proper nutritional intake is capable of providing such relief and protection.

Nutrition comes from natural sources

Many natural and herbal products have been shown to have beneficial effects on human health. These substances often contain nutrients that are chelated, or bound, to other ingredients, such as minerals or amino acids (peptides). Multivitamin preparations do not always mimic how nutrients are in nature, and therefore may not be as bioavailable to the body as nutrients in their natural state. Multiple nutrients should be consumed every day, since no single natural or herbal product contains every nutrient that a body needs.

Diabrex is uniquely designed to vitalize and optimize vascular systems in the human body. Diabrex is safe and can be taken in conjunction with prescribed medication, but you should always check with your physician before taking any new supplement products if currently taking prescription medicines. Diabrex can make you feel more energetic and enhance your quality of life. Diabrex can be especially helpful if over 50 years of age, and can help prevent feelings of fatigue or weakness with normal aging.

Our Diabrex formulation passed Patent Office authenticity

In addition, such nutrients increase the health of a patient to which they are administered. Thus, the nutrient composition and any standard drug treatment act synergistically to increase the quality of life, and life expectancy of a patient. In a related aspect, the invention features a similar method for treatment of disorders caused by diabetes by administration of a composition as described above.

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Dosage Information Product Label

3 tablets per day with a glass of water.

Diabrex Product Label